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Have you noticed that “True Entrepreneurs” help each other?

That’s what makes them “true” in my book.

When you “true” it’s not about …Me versus Them.

For us it’s about… All Of Us.

As we go forth on our journey, climbing that ladder of success, we hold out our hand and help bring others along.

My entrepreneurial mentor Gayle D’Haeseleer and I are helping one other by videotaping our elevator speeches and presentations.

The iPhone 4s is awesome for that.

Okay, so I’m still learning.

That reminds me of the phrase… Learning never ends for a Pro.

So, hay… I’m a Pro!!!

By the way, here is Gayle’s video.

It’s amazing how many people in business want to be helped, but don’t reach out and do some of the helping themselves.

Networking groups like the Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) have the right philosophy.

That’s why Gayle and I are members.

WPN creates an environment of learning, sharing, and lifting-up.

For example, one of the segments of the networking event is Brainstorming. There is a fun picture they choose, like pick-up-sticks, and each table sees how many things you can do with the item. We have only one minute. The table with the highest number wins.

Actually, we all win… don’t we?

It’s a really fun way to experience brainstorming.

Now, I am a great barnstormer.

It’s one of my gifts.

So, when I contacted the leaders of WPN and asked if they would be open to a suggestion, they immediately replied YES, YES, YES.

So here is what I sent them…

The brainstorming portion helps members experience the power, fun, and unleashing of our creativity through brainstorming. The benefits are many, as we know. The methods used at the meetings are fun, yet if I may be honest… they could be enhanced to be even more relevant. Gatherings where I walk away with great new ideas and resources really get me juiced up.

What I would like to propose is that we can enhance that experience by brainstorming
on things that will help us in business too.

For example:

  • How many ways can you come up with to express “gratitude” in your business?
  • How many marketing ideas can you list for promoting an event?
  • How many resources (books/seminars/teachings) can you list to help your grow as an entrepreneur?
  • How many names can you come up with for _______ (fill in the blank – something that would help with creative verbiage, like      alternative words for “event” )

Thank you for giving me a “safe environment” to express my thoughts.

So today at the luncheon, our leader Sherri O, asked me to lead the brainstorming on ways to promote an event.

Woo Hoo!

The added benefit of this is when we got to the Mastermind portion of the event, our creative juices were really flowing (even more than usual).

WOW… what a great group of women.

Over 60 women were tapped into their creativity.

WOW… creative synergy was unleashed… BIG TIME.

It’s great being a member of WPN.

Now, go be a “True Entrepreneur” and help others!

For more on my entrepreneurial journey, visit

“True Entrepreneurs” Help Each Other

Congratulations we made it to the end!

Let’s recap the five step process for making organizing simple, using the acronym S.P.A.C.E.

1. S is  SORT

2. P is  PURGE

3. A is  ASSIGN



Equalize and enjoy.  I like the sound of that.  Now, what does it mean?

It’s all about maintaining your organizing.  There is no one way to organize as everyone thinks differently.  You have step up the organizing of your “stuff” your way.  So now you know were things go… as in go back to when you are finished using them.

The way to equalize is that when one new thing comes in, one old goes out.  This prevents “over stuffing again”.  Think of it as a toy box.  Your child has filled it full with all sort of wonderful toys and games.  Now, they want a new toy.  Oops, there is not room in the toy box (their container).  So in order to bring in a new one, an old one must go.  Sometimes that is through osmosis, like a broken toy or one they have outgrown.

Think of your stuff in the same way.  Are you in the habit of collecting pens as you go about your work day, like from the bank, accountant, display in a mall?  Do you end up with more than you started with?  Time to break that habit.  You only have so much room and only need so many… right?

Most people get cluttered and overwhelmed because they don’t have a place to put things back.  Especially a place that is easy to remember and get to when the item is needed again.  Not you!  You are now organized.  Now that you have simplified your stuff, thus simplifying your life, set back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Organizing is not a one time thing.  Dang, I know you did not want to hear that.  Organizing is a process.  It changes as your life changes.  But now you have the tools to adapt easier to those changes and not get overwhelmed again.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have.  Just send me an email at and I would be honored to assist you.


A great organizing tip from Florida’s Treasure Coast area

by Debbie DeBie, The Space Arranger

Move It.  Change It.  Love It.

Yeah, were almost to the finish line.  Step 4 is mine, and most people’s, favorite part.  Here we get to be creative, be practical, and enjoy the ride!


You now know how many pens and pencils you have.  You have identified a location where you need them (maybe some on your desktop, some in a supply cabinet).  You know the space available at the location, so it’s time to find a container that is the right size and shape needed to hold your items, in that specific location.

I personally have fun being creative in a desk drawer.  Great drawer dividers can be check book boxes (to hold rubber stamps) or small tins and lids (for paperclips and rubber bands.).  You can use anything from silverware trays to shoe or hat boxes.  Typically square or rectangle shapes work best but if you have the room for other shapes, go for it.

The trick is to say… “I need something this size (length, width, and height) and shape.”  Now look around.  What do you already have that fits your criteria.  Let’s be honest.  Don’t we have lots of things to use if we look from this perspective?

Keep in mind that some items need room for expansion.  By that I mean, now you may have only 1 ream of printer paper but you prefer to keep 6 on had.

I also recommend, where and when possible, to have the things I use be pretty and fun to look at.  Why not.  It helps me keep organized when I enjoy the look and feel of my surroundings.

Do you see why this is Step # 4 instead of # 1?  If you had bought the container first, how do you know it fits the designated items in the assigned area?

After exhausting the possibilities for containers that you already have, go forth and SHOP.  Go to hardware stores, kitchen and office departments, even craft stores for finding the size and shape of containers you need.  Don’t forget to look at objects from your new perspective of “size and shape”, not designated use assigned by the manufacturer.

  • Now, fill those containers.
  • Place your items and containers in their designated location.
  • You are ready to move on to the final Step… # 5.

A great organizing tip from Florida’s Treasure Coast area

by Debbie DeBie, The Space Arranger

Move It.  Change It.  Love It.

Hearing about a client’s personal transformation makes me giddy, like a kid watching cartoons.  I know how our environment affects our attitude, energy, and feelings about self and life.  Hay, when an environment is boring, aren’t we bored?  When its flowing and comfortable, don’t we feel good?  A recent client is astonished about what a profound difference my Redesign made in not only his home, but in his life.

This client came into my life at the perfect time.  I had been feeling disconnected with my purpose in life.  It was floating away like a boat drifting at sea.  He reminded me of why I am passionate about my profession.  I was reconnected with the joyous feelings behind why I do what I do.

I can say to someone… “It’s amazing the difference a simple re-arranging of home furnishings can make.”  But let’s be honest, until you experience it… you don’t “get” it.  You could explain the rush of skydiving to someone until your blue in the face.  But until they experienced it would they understand the thrill?  I know I wouldn’t.

I am so blessed to be able to know I am making a difference in the world.  Thank you Spirit for this precious gift!

A musing  from Florida’s Treasure Coast area

by Debbie DeBie, The Space Arranger

Move It.  Change It.  Love It.

Yeah, you are over the organizing hump.  Time for Step # 3 of this 5 step process.

A stands for ASSIGN.

It’s time to assign a location for your stuff.  You have edited down your categories to only what’s truly needed.  I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am.

To help determine where you want to house the items, use this organizing tip:  “Keep like items together.”  For example, keep everything you need to write a letter, or pay a bill, in the same general location.  This way they are all handy for immediate use when you need them.  (example: keep envelopes, stamps, and address book close together.)   Get it?

A helpful rule of thumb for choosing a location is:

  1. Do I use it and need it often? – Keep it Handy
  2. Do I use it occasionally? – Keep it Convenient
  3. Does it just need to be stored? – Keep it Archived

Using the office supply scenario, here is what I mean:

  1. Items that need to be in your desk for immediate use (Handy)
  2. Surplus items, or things used occasionally, can go in a supply cabinet (Convenient)
  3. Items you need to keep, but rarely use, can be put in storage, like on the shelf in the garage (Archive)

Now, take the location assignment a step further

  1. Desk – drawer (which one?), or on top of desk (Handy)
  2. Supply cabinet – hall closet, actual cabinet, drawer in a dresser, shelves, etc. (Convenient)
  3. Storage – attic, shelves in garage, bedroom closet, off-site location, etc. (Archive)

See, that’s not so hard.  Once you have assigned the locations (where you will physically house the items) hold off, don’t put them away yet.  You are now ready for Step # 4.  By the way, Step # 4 is the FUN one!


A great organizing tip from Florida’s Treasure Coast area

by Debbie DeBie, The Space Arranger

Move It.  Change It.  Love It.

Now that you have sorted everything out, can see what there is to work with, it’s time for Step # 2.

P is for PURGE!

Here is where you have a decision to make before continuing.  You can either choose to rub your hands together and say “Yeah, I get to release what is no longer is needed!” OR, you can pout, shrug your shoulders and say “This is the part I hate.”  It’s your choice.  Okay, stop and made the decision now!  I’ll wait.  (tick, tick, tick)  Done?  Great, let’s move on.

Purging can be as simple as 1-2-3 when you have a system.  To begin, have some large empty boxes or bags for each of these groupings:  Trash, Recycle, Donation, Give Away (to a specific person).  Some people have a “to be fixed” group.  I don’t often recommend this because let’s be honest, if you haven’t fixed it yet… you probably won’t do it.

So, from your categories (created in Step # 1) start with one category and pick up each item and honestly ask yourself

  1. Keep it?
  2. Donate it?
  3. Trash (recycle) it?

I recommend the criteria for “keep” be strict, such as:

  • Does it work?  (Try that ink pen, if it doesn’t work – toss!.  If it needs new ink – donate.  Only keep it if it works)
  • Does it fit me now?  (I have found that as I get older, only fat pens are comfortable for me, so I donate the thin ones)
  • When will I really use it?  (Haven’t used that 18″ ruler in over a year, and I can use my 12″ ruler instead anyway – donate it)
  • Do I need this many?  (Be honest, how many black ink pens do you really need?)

Once you have finished purging, each category will be considerably smaller.

Right now, before moving to Step # 3, take the trash and recycle out to the curb (or at least in the garage – holding station for trash day), and put the donations and give aways in your vehicle.  Mark your calendar to remind you to stop at your favorite charity for donating.

How are you feeling at this moment?  Any relief?  Do you have a sense of accomplishment?  Hope so!

You have actually gotten over the “hump” and are on the downhill slide.  Take a moment to congratulate yourself.  Do a happy dance!  You are ready for Step # 3.

A great organizing tip from Florida’s Treasure Coast area

by Debbie DeBie, The Space Arranger

Move It.  Change It.  Love It.

Do you think that “Organizing Made Simple” is an oxymoron?

Many people believe that organizing is hard, a challenge, messy, and very time-consuming.  I don’t disagree with them.  I did not say it was easy, I’m saying that it can be made simple.

I do know from experience, that when utilizing a proven method to simplify the organizing process, anyone can get through the overwhelming experience and reach to other side organized, relieved, and grateful.

Usually when someone wants to get organized, the first thing they do is go out and purchase containers.  Hay, I’ve been guilty of that too.  We think… “Now I’m ready to get organized.”  NOT!

This does not work because it is Step # 4 in a 5 step process.  It’s like putting a cake into an oven, expecting a yummy cake in 60 minutes, when you haven’t even mixed up the baking ingredients yet.

Okay, let’s begin.  Today is about Step # 1 of a simple five step process to “Lead you to the other side!”  I am sharing what I have learned over the years, using the acronym S.P.A.C.E.

S – Stands for SORT.

Let’s get real.  We don’t know what we have until we gather it all together.  Now while I’ll be using specific examples to describe the steps, the process works for organizing “anything” just adapt accordingly.

Let’s say you are organizing your home office supplies, or tools.  Usually we have these items in multiple locations throughout the house or garage.  Okay, guilty as charged.  It’s time to go hunting.  Bring all your items together into one spot.  Yes, I mean everything!  This is where it gets messy before it gets clean.

Designate a location to put all this stuff for sorting.  Maybe a table, countertop, or even a sheet on the floor.  Now begin to sort these items by a general category.  By category I mean, think of “usage; grouping like items together.

If you need, use a piece of paper to write the category down, labeling the areas for sorting.  You can even use a few boxes, especially for tools, for some of the larger items.  You don’t have to get real detailed here.   Remember… use general categories at this point.

  • For office supplies the general categories might be:  Writing utensils (pens/pencils/highlighters), envelopes (all sizes), equipment (stapler, tape dispenser, rulers, staple removers, shears), printer ink, paper, paper clips, rubber bands, staples, tape, etc.
  • For tools they might be:  Screwdrivers, drill bits, hammers, nots, bolts, nails, picture hangers, screws, glues, wires, cutters, etc.

What’s amazing about this Step is that often we discover there are multiple quantities of items, which we did not realize because they were spread out in various places.  Sometimes we find that “long-lost item” we’ve been looking for.

Now, are you sure you have gathered everything together?  Nothing is hiding in that junk drawer?  Okay, you are ready for Step # 2.  (coming soon)

A great organizing tip from Florida’s Treasure Coast area

by Debbie DeBie, The Space Arranger

Move It.  Change It.  Love It.


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